Technopolymers for injection
TSM Acetal Dental

Aesthetic clasps on metallic frames, partial prostheses, removable bridges, post surgery space retainers, provisional bridges, supporters for provisional bridges, abutments, stump pivots, splints, active holding devices and so on

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Corflex Orthodontic

A synthesis product obtained from a mixture of high molecular weight copolymers of ethylene and vinyl acetate. The association of its components results from the research efforts carried out by Pressing laboratories

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Flexi-J / FJP

The new nylon-based resin for partial and total "elastic" prostheses

Also available in: bridge is a multipolymer member of the acrylic family of polymers developed by Pressing Dental for provisional crowns and bridges.

Also available in pink version

Also available in:

(Versione rosa) (Version rose)
(Versión de color rosa)
(Rosa Version)

Corflex Plastulene

A product obtained from a mixture of high molecular weight copolymers, its formulation and the combination of its components are the result of over 20 years of research conducted by Doctor Leo Gavazzi.

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Plastic Steel

Tecnopolimero di nuova generazione, rinforzato con fibre

Caratteristiche: L’alta resistenza meccanica lo rende indicato per sottostrutture e perni moncone

Il sistema completo per presso-iniezione: J100 Evolution

J-100 Evolution is a multi-injection system that allows to inject more than 8 different products, from the aesthetic to the hooks and elastic prosthetic teeth to protect athletes.
In addition, the systematic offers the possibility to inject all the hot-cure acrylic resins in just 30 minutes under constant pressure.

Injection System J100 EVOLUTION: User manual

j100 evolution Equipments

Injection Moulding Systems, flasks, screwers, and many more...

CAD-CAM Products
CAD-CAM Products

Disks Micro-filled acrylic resins and Plastic Steel


The Scanner Free Smile, it's a latest generation equipment and is able to offer many benefits, read for more details

5-axis machine center in continuos

Indispensable for the production of prosthesis implant, abutment, provisional crowns, bridges and circulars too.

Laboratory products
Laboratory products

Color System, Fast Tray, Acelux, Gyplux, Pre-Mark, Sil Press, Masky, Fill mask, J-100 tube...

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